• PROMOTE children having equal parenting times with each parent.
  • PROTECT from judicial hindrances to safeguard the parent-child relationship.

Reform Alabama Family Law


Alabama Family Rights Association (ALFRA) Goal: To support change to Alabama child custody laws to guarantee no child is put at risk.  Every child has a fundamental right to each fit parent regardless of their marital status. 
ALFRA is an association of action that works to educate others about the Alabama family law court system. ALFRA places an emphasis on families and supports children having the involvement of both parents active in their lives, although the parents are no longer living together.
ALFRA advocates safeguarding constitutional rights of children and parents, and supports change to current child custody laws, which creditable research indicates places a negative impact upon all of society.
The ALFRA members only area is accessible with a tax deducible membership fee of $25 per year. Sign Up here. Any contribution will be used to help reform Alabama family law..

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