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The Alabama Family Rights Association (ALFRA) will host a family law reform informational meeting on Thursday, December 8, 2016, at 6:00 p.m. at the Hoover Public Library located at 200 Municipal Drive, Hoover, Alabama 35216 (Fitzgerald Room).

The meeting is open to the public and is sponsored by Concerned Citizens for the Children’s Future in Jefferson County, Shelby County, and adjacent counties.

Guest speakers will include:

  • Robin Maddox, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (Topic: “Adult-Child Relationships: How to Win the War”)
  • Kenneth Paschal, State President, ALFRA, U.S. Army Retired

ALFRA will also discuss the ongoing efforts to change the current Alabama child custody law (enacted in 1852) to ensure that no child is put at risk. Such efforts include proposals to be pursued in the 2017 legislative session where all children have a fundamental right to spend time with their two fit parents regardless of their parents’ marital status.

We would like to invite those impacted by the family law practices to attend: clergy, elected officials and candidates, parents, school counselors and other educational staff members, the administrative office of courts, therapists, mediators, parent-child coordinators, social workers, Alabama DHR representatives, family law attorneys, district attorneys, and judges. One of the greatest economic stimuli for our state is to protect and safeguard the parent-children relationship.

Contact: Debbie Zeiger, State VP

Phone: (205) 626-9458

E-mail: info@alfra.org

Website: www.alfra.org


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