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Lawmakers asking for your input

Lawmakers asking for your input

Now is the time to communicate your concerns to your legislators. The Alabama legislative session starts February 7, 2017. We have high expectations for this legislative session because many legislators in Alabama are now asking for input from their Constituents.

Annually, approximately 40,000 children of divorced and children of separated parents suffer due to court ordered single parent households.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. The first step is to find out who your state legislators (State Senator and State Representative) are by clicking here (Ensure you enter your physical address). Your state legislators are listed in the right column.
  2. Step two, write and email your legislators asking them to update the child custody law practices and request to meet with them to discuss in detail.

Below is a sample letter or email message to send to your legislators. Keep your letter respectful and professional, and try to include a personal reason for your letter. Feel free to review the fact sheet to stay on point.


Dear Senator ___________/ Representative _________,

Families are the cornerstone of an orderly society, but over the last several decades, Alabama families have grown progressively weaker. The existing child custody law practices needs updating. The current child custody law practices are placing thousands of children at risk.
I’m writing to ask if you will support that the Code of Alabama be updated to include basic guidelines for Courts to follow. Click here to download the “fact sheet”. This will help safeguard Alabama Children’s right to a relationship with each fit parent.

I would like the opportunity to speak with you about this issue.

I can be contacted at email address ____________________________ or phone number ______________________.


Phone Number

Cc: info@alfra.org

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