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April 5th – Legislative Update, SB186!

April 5th – Legislative Update, SB186!

SB186 – Senator Larry Stutts’ Child Custody Bill on the Move!!!

Yesterday, the lawmakers returned to Montgomery after a two-week Spring Break. Unfortunately due to an extended debate on the Education Budget Senate Bill 186 (SB 186) was not placed on the calendar for a floor vote.

The next opportunity for The Children Equal Access Act (SB186) to come up for a floor vote is tomorrow, April 6th. So keep calling and emailing your state Senator.

If you have not contacted your state Senator, no worries. You have another opportunity. We need everyone to contact their state Senator before 10:00 am on Thursday, April 6th – and let them know to VOTE YES for SB186!


If you want to give a reason why your Senator should support Senate Bill 186, feel free to send all three paragraphs below or just select one.

Unsure who your state Senator is, just go to www.legislature.state.al.us Find My Legislator. Otherwise, just click the link below.

Click here for the names, telephone numbers and email addresses of Senate members.


***If your schedule permits, travel to the statehouse and meet your senator and other senators in person.***


Three example reasons to vote yes on SB186

  • The Children’s Equal Access Act (SB186) incorporates the latest scientific research and creates a rebuttable presumption for equal or approximately equal parenting time between both fit parents. 
  • The Children’s Equal Access Act (SB186) is necessary because many judges reduce children’s time with one parent to a mere four to six days per month in 85% of the child custody cases. They automatically assume that the “standard visitation” one-sided custody arrangements promote “stability.” In fact, the loss of the meaningful presence of either a fit mother or father in a child’s life promotes emotional and developmental instability that often manifests in social problems like crime, drug use, teen pregnancies, and school dropouts.  
  • The passage of the Children’s Equal Access Act (SB186) will realign Alabama family law and court practices to protect the parent-child relationship as recognized by the U.S. Supreme Court, without infringing on the duties and roles of the judge.


You can read the bill in its entirety here.

  • The enclosed comparison chart and scientific literature irrefutably reflect SB 186 as the best child custody legislation, thus resulting in better outcomes for children.


ALFRA is an all-volunteer organization. Together, we will make a difference, but we have to let our voices and concerns be heard in Montgomery.

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