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Legislative Update and ACTION ALERT5!

Legislative Update and ACTION ALERT5!

Legislative Update: CALL NOW!  Senate Bill 211 is on the move!!!

Yesterday, the lawmakers returned to Montgomery. Unfortunately Senate Bill 211 was not placed on the calendar for a floor vote. The next opportunity for the Children’s Equal Access Act (SB211) to come up for a floor vote is tomorrow, March 1st. So keep calling and emailing State Senators.

The Children’s Equal Access Act aims to maximize a child’s time with both parents during a divorce or separation.  You can read and share the Talking Points here.

Action NeededIn order to overcome a fallacy that ALFRA is a father’s rights group that has conducted themselves unprofessionally, calls or emails need to be made to your Senator before 10:00 am on March 1st.  We especially need more mothers to participate in this effort.  Therefore, it would be great if your sister, mother, aunt, neighbor, and co-worker would make a call or email along with you.  You can contact your Senator or send a group email to all of the Senators.  You’ll find the information below.

When calling, urge your Senator to vote YES on SB211.  Communicate to them that you deeply appreciate their commitment to doing what’s right in Montgomery by putting children and families first.  Please vote YES on SB211.  (It’s that simple, no long conversation needed.) As a reminder, please always be respectful and courteous with your communications.

Senators                                         Office Phone                        email

ALBRITTON, Greg                      334-242-7843                    galbritton@att.net
ALLEN, Gerald                            334-242-7889                     gerald.allen@alsenate.gov
BEASLEY, Billy                            334-242-7868                     billy.beasley@alsenate.gov
BLACKWELL, Slade                    334-242-7851                      sb@sladeblackwell.com
BREWBAKER, Dick                     334-242-7895                     dick.brewbaker@alsenate.gov
BUSSMAN, Paul                           334-242-7855                      p_bussman@bellsouth.net
CHAMBLISS, Clyde                     334-242-7883                      clyde.chambliss@alsenate.gov
COLEMAN-MADISON, Linda   334-242-7864                      linda.coleman@birminghamal.gov
DIAL, Gerald                                  334-242-7874                       gerald_dial@yahoo.com
DUNN, Priscilla                             334-242-7793                      patricia.chatman@alsenate.gov
FIGURES, Vivian Davis               334-242-7871                       vivian.figures@alsenate.gov
GLOVER, Rusty                             334-242-7886                       rusty.glover@alsenate.gov
HIGHTOWER, Bill                        334-242-7882                    bill.hightower@alsenate.gov
HOLLEY, Jimmy                            334-242-7845                    jimmyholley@southeastpharm.com
HOLTZCLAW, Bill                         334-242-7854                    bill.holtzclaw@alsenate.gov
LIVINGSTON, Steve                     334-242-7858                    steve.livingston@alsenate.gov
MARSH, Del                                  334-242-7877                      del.marsh@alsenate.gov
McCLENDON, Jim                       334-242-7898                     jimmcc@windstream.net
MELSON, Tim                               334-242-7888                      tmelson672@aol.com
ORR, Arthur                                   334-242-7891                        senator@arthurorr.com
PITTMAN, Trip                             334-242-7897                       trip.pittman@alsenate.gov
REED, Greg                                    334-242-7894                       greg.reed@alsenate.gov
SANDERS, Hank                           334-242-7860                       hank23sanders@gmail.com
SANFORD, Paul                             334-242-7867                       paul.sanford@alsenate.gov
SCOFIELD, Clay                             334-242-7876                       clay.scofield@alsenate.gov
SHELNUTT, Shay                          334-242-7794                         shay.sd17@gmail.com
SINGLETON, Bobby                     334-242-7935                        bsingle362@gmail.com
SMITH, Harri Anne                       334-242-7879                       harriannesmith@graceba.net
SMITHERMAN, Rodger               334-242-7870                      rodger.smitherman@alsenate.gov
STUTTS, Larry                                334-242-7862                      larry.stutts@alsenate.gov
WAGGONER, J. T. “Jabo”           334-242-7892                       jabo.waggoner@alsenate.gov
WARD, Cam                                     334-242-7873                      cam@camward.com
WHATLEY, Tom                             334-242-7865                      tom.whatley@alsenate.gov
WILLIAMS, Phil                               334-242-7857                     Phil@williamsstatesenate.com

Group email:

galbritton@att.net; gerald.allen@alsenate.gov; billy.beasley@alsenate.gov; sb@sladeblackwell.com; dick.brewbaker@alsenate.gov; p_bussman@bellsouth.net; clyde.chambliss@alsenate.gov; linda.coleman@birminghamal.gov; gerald_dial@yahoo.com; patricia.chatman@alsenate.gov; vivian.figures@alsenate.gov; rusty.glover@alsenate.gov; bill.hightower@alsenate.gov; jimmyholley@southeastpharm.com; bill.holtzclaw@alsenate.gov; steve.livingston@alsenate.gov; del.marsh@alsenate.gov; jimmcc@windstream.net; tmelson672@aol.com; senator@arthurorr.com; trip.pittman@alsenate.gov; greg.reed@alsenate.gov; hank23sanders@gmail.com; paul.sanford@alsenate.gov; clay.scofield@alsenate.gov; shay.sd17@gmail.com; bsingle362@gmail.com; harriannesmith@graceba.net; rodger.smitherman@alsenate.gov; larry.stutts@alsenate.gov; jabo.waggoner@alsenate.gov; cam@camward.com; tom.whatley@alsenate.gov; Phil@williamsstatesenate.com

Thank you for standing up for families and innocent children who do not have a voice in this matter. Together, we will make a difference and let our voices and concerns be heard in Montgomery.  Watch for a similar action request soon for your State Representative when the bill goes to the House for a vote.


Debbie Zeiger

ALFRA Vice President

Please focus on the bill and the Talking Points. If you would like to share your story and/or experience with family courts, please share via the ALFRA website here.

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