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Legislative Update and ACTION ALERT8!

Legislative Update and ACTION ALERT8!

Legislative Update: CALL NOW!  Senate Bill 211 is on the move!!!

The Children’s Equal Access Act (SB211), bipartisan and pro-family legislation passed in the Senate March 8, 2018 (17 Yea, 8 Nays) and moves to the House. Unfortunately a committee amendment was placed on the Children’s Equal Access Act that weakens the intent of the bill. So, there’s still work to be done. You can read the amendment here.

We would like to give a special thanks to Senator Larry Stutts, the sponsor of the Children’s Equal Access Act and members of the Alabama Family Rights Association Advisory Committee and countless volunteers over the last seven years for their selfless service.

Action NeededWe would ask individuals to take a moment and call the Senate members that voted yes. Communicate to them that you deeply appreciate their commitment to doing what’s right in Montgomery by putting children and families first.  As a reminder, please always be respectful and courteous with your communications.


  Senators Office Phone Suite
1 ALLEN, Gerald (334) 242-7889 729
2 McCLENDON, Jim (334) 242-7898 729
3 BUSSMAN, Paul (334) 242-7855 733
4 WILLIAMS, Phil (334) 242-7857 733
5 COLEMAN-MADISON, Linda (334) 242-7864 738
6 SINGLETON, Bobby (334) 242-7935 738
7 GLOVER, Rusty (334) 242-7886 721
8 HOLTZCLAW, Bill (334) 242-7854 731
9 MARSH, Del (334) 242-7877 722
10 MELSON, Tim (334) 242-7888 735
11 SHELNUTT, Shay (334) 242-7794 735
12 STUTTS, Larry (334) 242-7862 735
13 ORR, Arthur (334) 242-7891 730
14 PITTMAN, Trip (334) 242-7897 730
15 REED, Greg (334) 242-7894 726
16 SMITHERMAN, Rodger (334) 242-7870 737
17 WARD, Cam (334) 242-7873 719


If desired you can access the bill and see the complete Roll Call vote here but we would like to remind you our focus must now immediately shift to the House of Representatives.

Thank you for standing up for families and innocent children who do not have a voice in this matter. Together, we will make a difference and let our voices and concerns be heard in Montgomery.  Watch for a similar action request soon for your State Representative when the bill is placed on the House Judiciary Committee calendar.


Debbie Zeiger

ALFRA Vice President



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