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Legislative Update and ACTION ALERT9!

Legislative Update and ACTION ALERT9!

Legislative Update: CALL NOW!  Action is needed to move Senate Bill 211 out of the House Judiciary Committee.

Good news! Senate Bill 211 “Children’s Equal Access Act,” is placed on the House Judiciary Committee calendar for Wednesday, March 21, 2018 at 9:00 am.

The Children’s Equal Access Act (SB211) takes the “guess work” from the courts’ decision-making process and gives them definitive guidelines. You can read and share the Talking Points here.

Action NeededCalls and emails need to be made to all House Judiciary Committee members before 9:00 am on March 21st.  You can call the committee members or send a group email to all of them.  You’ll find the information below.

When calling and emailing, urge the House Judiciary Committee members to vote YES on SB211.  Communicate to them that you deeply appreciate their commitment to doing what’s right in Montgomery by putting children and families first.  Please vote YES on SB211. (It’s that simple, no long conversation needed.)

As a reminder, please always be respectful and courteous with your communications.


House Judiciary Committee members Office Phone                        email

Hill, Jim (Chair)                                   334-242-7743              jim.hill@alhouse.gov

Fridy, Matt (Vice Chair)                      334-242-7775              mdfridy@gmail.com

Ball, Mike                                            334-242-7683              mikeball@knology.net

Beckman, Paul                                   334-242-7499              paulbeckmanjr@yahoo.com

Chestnut, Prince                                 334-242-7600              prince.chestnut@alhouse.gov

Coleman, Merika                                334-242-7755              merika.coleman@alhouse.gov

Drake, Dickie                                      334-242-7727              ddrake1080@aol.com

England, Chris                                   334-242-7703              cjengland1@gmail.com

Farley, Allen                                        334-242-7767              allenfarley@bellsouth.net

Faulkner, David                                  334-242-7265              david.faulkner@alhouse.gov

Holmes, Mike                                      334-242-7215              mike.holmes@alhouse.gov

McClammy, Thad                               334-242-7780              thadmcclammy@aol.com

Pettus, Phillip  (sponsor HB431)        334-242-7511              phillip.pettus@alhouse.gov

Wadsworth, Tim                                  334-242-7554              wadsworth@centurytel.net


Group email:

jim.hill@alhouse.gov; mdfridy@gmail.com; mikeball@knology.net; paulbeckmanjr@yahoo.com; prince.chestnut@alhouse.gov; merika.coleman@alhouse.gov; ddrake1080@aol.com; cjengland1@gmail.com; allenfarley@bellsouth.net; david.faulkner@alhouse.gov; mike.holmes@alhouse.gov; thadmcclammy@aol.com; phillip.pettus@alhouse.gov; wadsworth@centurytel.net; info@alfra.org

Thank you for participating in this action alert.  Watch for a similar action request soon for your State Representative when the bill goes to the House floor for a vote.


Debbie Zeiger

ALFRA Vice President

Please focus on the bill and the Talking Points. If you would like to share your story and/or experience with family courts, please share via the ALFRA website here.


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