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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!



“Happy Mother’s Day!”

          From new mom to the most seasoned grand-mother, we wish you a joyful day with your children. Unfortunately, there are mothers who are deprived of their constitutional right to be involved in their child’s life. The unstable legal system of our state does not always recognize a mother’s need to nurture, nor do they account for the profound feelings of loss and frustration some mothers are forced to endure when custody orders diminish or exclude visitation and parenting time. While there is still gender bias against men (85% of fathers are non-custodial parents), many people are not aware that the remaining 15% of slanted custody resolutions are women who want to spend more time with their children.  In addition, the legal system needs to respond with as much urgency and force to restricted access and parenting-time interference (parental alienation) as they do with failure to pay child support.

According to research, children thrive with the active involvement of each fit parent.  Aside from abuse, neglect and abandonment, our state’s current policies must be structured to maximize the opportunity of each fit parent to contribute to the social, emotional, intellectual, physical, moral and spiritual development of their children.

ALFRA supports the relationship of all fit parents and children. No fit parent should be held back from having a meaningful relationship with the children they helped create and support.

To promote safer communities and schools, we must aggressively and on purpose seek public policies using evidence based data that promotes and preserves the parent-child relationship equality across the state.




Contact: Debbie Zeiger, State VP

Phone: (205) 626-9458

E-mail: info@alfra.org

Website: www.alfra.org

View PDF of Press Release here.

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