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Children separated from parents that never crossed the border

Children separated from parents that never crossed the border

Children separated from parents that never crossed the borderWe have seen the images of the young children, who are scared, shocked, depressed and ripped from their parents’ arms at the US border. But there’s no mention of the approximately 40,000 children in Alabama alone, each year that experience court ordered separation from one of their fit American parents. This is a systemic problem across the United States resulting in hundreds of thousands of innocent children each year being court-ordered to seeing one parent for only one to six days a month.

According to statistics children who grow up without one of their biological parents (usually the father) are placed at a greater risk of failure in life.  This is the single greatest social ill we face in our nation, especially in the minority communities. Yet, we actively promote it as a matter of public policy across the United States. These children and parents have committed no illegal acts, yet the application of these family law practices in Alabama and around the United States has been in place since the early 1900s.

I believe this public policy was designed this way with intent and has since slowly spread beyond its intended purpose. The Divorce Industry has coined this public policy as the “Best Interest of the Children” standard, while making $50 billion a year by separating children from one of their American parents and extended family members. This concentrated practice of separating children and parents is now impacting just about every community and is redefining the meaning of the family unit. As the concept of family goes, so goes any civilized nation.

While this is disturbing and should be, the media and political parties have been silent on this issue. It’s time WE THE PEOPLE, stand up and speak for the voiceless children.

Your elected officials and 2018 candidates need to know you care and object to any public policy that separates American children from their fit American parents.

Here’s one way Alabamians can help make a positive change for children and families between now and the 2019 legislative session. This action doesn’t even require you to leave your living room table or computer.

Join ALFRA and its 222 campaign by signing the Statement of Support for the “Children’s Equal Access Act”, which aims to maximize a child’s time with both fit parents during a divorce or separation.


Here’s how the 222 campaign works. Two steps in Two minutes, and share with Two others.

  1. Read the enclosed “Children’s Equal Access Act” summary.
  2. Complete the enclosed contact form and include the following statement in the message area: “I support the “Children’s Equal Access Act”. Please let me know how to contact my legislators”.

Are You In or Out? Don’t forget to share with at least two other family members or friends.

Our children are depending on us!!!


By: Kenneth Paschal, Pelham – Alabama, Alabama Family Rights Association State President, a child activist, a fit parent, an advocate for protecting parents’ fundamental rights, and U.S. Army Retired First Sergeant.

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