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Legislative Alert6: CALL NOW!

Legislative Alert6: CALL NOW!

A partial win for the children in Alabama. Alabama Senate Continuing the Rebuild Alabama conservation by passing SB266.

The Children’s Equal Access Act (SB266), bipartisan and pro child-parent legislation passed in the Senate May 2, 2019 (25 Yea, 4 Nays) and moves to the House.

  • The Children’s Equal Access Act aims to maximize a child’s time with both parents in the event of divorce or separation.

Action NeededWe would ask individuals to take a moment and call the Senate members that voted yes. Communicate to them that you deeply appreciate their commitment to doing what’s right in Montgomery by putting children and families first.  As a reminder, please always be respectful and courteous with your communications.

You can contact them individually or send a group email to all of the Senators.  Click here to access the list of the Senators’ contact information.

If desired you can access the bill and see the complete Roll Call vote here but we would like to remind you our focus must now immediately shift to the House of Representatives.

Thank you for standing up for families and innocent children who do not have a voice in this matter.

Watch for a similar action request soon for your State Representative when the bill is placed on the House Judiciary Committee calendar.


Debbie Zeiger

ALFRA Vice President

Please focus on the bill and the Talking Points. If you would like to share your story and/or experience with family courts, please share via the ALFRA website here.

  • Roy Davis
    Posted at 22:00h, 03 May Reply

    God bless you Senator Stutts, with all my heart. I’m an alienated father that hurts
    ,unto death. I’m a ret. FLEO.
    This epidemic is out of control.
    I love you , Senator. .
    Until you have experienced the hurt and the pain. No one can comprehend.
    They are using children for financial gain.
    Sir , I lay my life down for you , if you but ask.
    There is so much money involved , I hope you can roll back this tide of darkness. I thought was ,hopeless.
    You sir are a bright spot in the world, my eternal gratitude.
    This epidemic of fatherless children is destroying our state and our Nation.
    The mere accusation of abuse by the other parent sets stage.
    I don’t know what you can do in this tide of evil, but I thank you. For your light and goodness.
    At your service til death,
    Honorable , Sir.
    So many soldiers and veterans are killing themselves, primarily due to access denial to ones own children.
    Please fight, Senator.
    Like never before.
    When the Master comes you will be , honored and exhaulted.
    Highl Praise to the most , benevolent and honored Senator , Larry Stutts.
    Hip hip ,

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