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Legislative Alert7: CALL NOW – Public Hearing for SB266

Legislative Alert7: CALL NOW – Public Hearing for SB266

Action Alert: Public Hearing for SB266, Children’s Equal Access Act May 15, 2019!


In room 429, on Wednesday, May 15, 2019, there will be a public hearing for SB 266 (the Children’s Equal Access Act). The bill is aiming to maximize a child’s time with both his/her parents.

Please come to Montgomery and show your support for the Alabama children on May 15!

Senator Larry Stutts (R- Tuscumbia) is the sponsor of the Senate Bill 266 (Engrossed version here), a bipartisan, pro child-parent relationship legislation known as the “Children’s Equal Access Act.” The bill will clarify Alabama law and focus on children first.

A public hearing has been scheduled for the bill in the Children and Senior Advocacy Committee on Wednesday, May 15th at 10:30 am in room 429 in the Alabama State House. We need as many people as possible to attend the hearing and voice support for the Children’s Equal Access Act. Although we already have individuals scheduled to give live testimony, your presence in the room alone is testimony this issue is important to Alabamians. We request your presence and also your written testimony. Share your written testimony with each committee member at the email address below and copy us at info@alfra.org. Please share this information with anyone you know that can come support the Children’s Equal Access Act, SB266.

If you are available to come to the hearing, please email info@alfra.org to let us know that you are coming. Address for the AL State House is 11 S Union St, Montgomery, AL 36130. There is metered street parking near the State House. Please be prepared to go through security at the State House and allow some extra time to arrive.

The members of the Children and Senior Advocacy Committee really need to hear that this issue is important to their constituents and that we are not going away until we have achieved our goal of protecting all children relationships equally with both parents! We are asking all SB266 supporters to call or write the committee members before Wednesday to let them know you support equality for children too.

And don’t forget to use one of our key messages:

  • I deeply appreciate your commitment to doing what’s right in Montgomery; by putting children’s and families first, please vote “YES” on SB266.
  • Every child deserves to be raised by both parents.
  • I appreciate your commitment to rebuilding families by fixing Alabama child custody law.
  • Please send responses that you receive from committee members to info@alfra.org.

Helpful links:


Below are the listed House Children and Senior Advocacy Committee members:

State Rep.                              State House Phone                E-mail

Brown, K.L. (Chair)              (334) 261-0496                  klbrown@cableone.net

Shedd, Randall (V-chair)     (334) 261-0530                  randall.shedd@alhouse.gov

Boyd, Barbara                           (334) 261-0592                  barbara.boyd@alhouse.gov

Carns, Jim                                 (334) 261-0429                  jwcarns@gmail.com

Drummond, Barbara              (334) 261-0564                  drummondbarbara@att.net

Estes, Tracy                              (334) 261-0434                  tracy.estes@alhouse.gov

Shaver, Ginny                          (334) 261-0413                  ginny.shaver@alhouse.gov

Hanes Jr., Tommy                  (334) 261-0551                  jhanes55@gmail.com

Moore, Mary                           (334) 261-0508                  mamoor48@bellsouth.net

Wadsworth, Tim                   (334) 261-0554                  wadsworth@centurytel.net

Group email option:

klbrown@cableone.net; randall.shedd@alhouse.gov; barbara.boyd@alhouse.gov; jwcarns@gmail.com; drummondbarbara@att.net; tracy.estes@alhouse.gov; ginny.shaver@alhouse.gov; jhanes55@gmail.com; mamoor48@bellsouth.net; wadsworth@centurytel.net; info@alfra.org


When calling or emailing, urge the committee members to vote YES on SB266 and not to support any amendments. Ask them to please vote YES on SB266. (As a reminder, please always be respectful and courteous with your communications.)

Together, we can make our voices heard to support children having two parents!

#ALFRA     #SB266

Thank you so much for taking a moment to stand up and be heard!  Watch for a similar action request soon for your State Representative when the bill goes to the House for a vote.


Debbie Zeiger

ALFRA State Vice President


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