The mission of the Alabama Family Rights Association (ALFRA) is to change the current child custody laws in Alabama to safeguard children by ensuring they have the involvement of both parents in their lives. This eliminates the statistical risks that are so often spoken of when children are said to be of a “broken” home. We believe that Healthy Children promote a Healthy Economy! ALFRA was organized to safeguard the constitutional rights of children and their parents by working to change current child custody laws and by educating the public concerning the negative impact on society of Alabama’s current system of divorce and never married parents.



Members get involved with ALFRA usually because they are faced with injustice. They generally stay involved.  While they are not attorneys they have vast experience in dealing with the Alabama courts, thus are knowledgeable on many legal issues. They themselves are abused by the Alabama court system and many times are deprived of federal due process rights.  Some of these parents still work with ALFRA although their children are now adults. Most new members are parents new to the horrors they are now facing in court and need answers. ALFRA has supporters from all walks of life. Our members are parents, grandparents, adult children of divorce, legislators, attorneys, social workers, and judges. All are working on our behalf because they see how badly our current system is broken, how much it costs families with children and what a financial burden it is on our State.



ALFRA offers programs and services to the community on a regular basis. We have town hall/informational meetings to discuss specific challenges that parents face in the court room.  We do media interviews with TV and radio stations throughout the state. One of the most beneficial services we offer is a Court watch program. We attend court hearings to support our members. We don’t speak or hold signs, but our presence is statement to the lawyers and judges that we are watching and will report on the proceedings. We are seeking volunteers to help revitalize our Court Watch program. We speak directly with Legislators to advocate for change.



The ALFRA membership is $25 a year and any contribution above the membership fee is always beneficial to ALFRA’s effort to educate others and reform law.


ALFRA has many opportunities for people to volunteer. The only skill needed is a passion to change Alabama custody laws and harmful practices placing our children at an unnecessary social disadvantage.  We need people who will just pick up the phone and call their legislator to express dissatisfaction in our current family law system…or send them a letter or email.  We have volunteer opportunities for people to join us at court watches, opportunities for children of divorce to tell about the effects of having one of their fit parents restricted from their life.


Alabama has some great attorneys and judges.  We would like for them to join our efforts in changing the system.

We can always use assistance in fundraising, publicity, and general administrative skills.


ALFRA achievements include in 2003 we were pleased to initiate the “Alabama Relocation Act” that limits how far a parent can move a child away from the other parent.  In 2011, a child custody bill we help write passed in an Alabama senate committee.


ALFRA mission is to preserve children and parent’s fundamental rights, to promote equal parenting time for a child’s growth and development, and to protect children from being placed at risk.


About 1/2 of our membership are women. ALFRA is NOT a Father’s rights organization. ALFRA is about family rights.


We do not provide legal advice to replace the counsel of a qualified and licensed professional to determine specific legal rights.

We are a 501(c)(3) non profit association.


Even if you are unable to physically volunteer, your financial contributions will help us make a positive change for Alabama’s children.

About the Alabama Family Rights Association in 15 Seconds.

Below is a radio interview with ALFRA vice president Debbie Zeiger educating others about ALFRA.