How to Get Started!

7 step guide to Hosting a Town Hall or Community Meeting in your area.


  1. Determine Date. Select at least 2 potential meeting dates two-three weeks out.
  2. Schedule a speaker. Contact ALFRA at indicating you’re interested in requesting an ALFRA representative to speak at a town meeting in your area with the potential meeting location.
  3. Reserve a Meeting Space. Reserve a meeting room or facility that will accommodate 15-50 people.
  4. Serve as the meeting coordinator.
  5. Identify Needed Volunteers. Coordinate a volunteer to manage the informational table which include greeting and sign in individuals
  6. Print and Post Meeting Announcement Flyers. ALFRA will create a flyer so you can distribute in your area and surrounding areas, such as newspaper websites, radio stations, information boards at restaurants, barber shops, salons, coffee shops, courthouses, elected officials…
  7. Send Invitations. Create a Facebook event page and invite others using the created flyer as the event photo.
Purpose of Town Hall/Community Meeting: – Provide information to the community. For community members and leaders to come together to discuss issues and concerns with the Alabama family law practices and its impact on children, community, and taxpayers. Discuss consensus and solutions.