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The following Terms of Use apply to visitors and members usage of the Alabama Family Rights Association (ALFRA) website, ALFRA facebook page, ALFRA Twitter and YouTube Accounts. Hereafter called the ALFRA online accounts.
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Share Your Story Guidelines

Must be Alabama family law situations. We edit the information to refer to all children and adults only by first name. We may reference the Alabama county and judge by name, and the attorneys names. We will not include the name of any home, business, and/or school addresses, names of any schools the children attend or have attended, names of any professionals such as therapists, doctors, counselors, associations your spouse and/or children may belong like boy scout or girl scout troops, or information that someone reading could use to identify or attempt to contact those mentioned. We also edit for grammar, usage, syntax, spelling, and punctuation, or if the story exceeds 400 words. Stories in locations outside of Alabama will not be published.

Notice Regarding Email

Email messages are subject to being shared with the public and/or with the Alabama legislature, unless you ask us to keep it private.

 How to Stop Receiving ALFRA Email Communications

As a user of ALFRA online accounts you have the following options for removing your information from any database under our control.

  •     Visit the Contact Us page, send an email and tell us.
  •     You can call us at telephone number listed on the Contact Us page.
  •     You can send a letter by US mail to us to the address listed on the Contact Us page.

Right to Block Users

ALFRA reserves the right – without providing any advanced notice – to change, alter, delete, remove or block content posted on the ALFRA

online accounts, to block members or block any IP address that appear to us attempting to hack into or otherwise attempting to sabotage and/or negatively impact the ALFRA online accounts, their performance or standard operations.


The ALFRA online accounts are not operated by a law firm, judge or political organization nor do we claim to be an authority on the legal subject matter contained on the ALFRA online accounts.

The information on the ALFRA online accounts are offered as an instructive guideline and represents one source of information among many, and should not be construed as legal advice to replace the counsel of a qualified and licensed professional to determine specific legal rights.


It is the responsibility of any person or entity using the ALFRA online accounts to determine the applicable information and facts. We recommendation for you to consult with appropriate legal, financial or clinical professionals before making any decisions that could affect the outcome of a legal proceeding, financial obligation, treatment evaluation or other important determination.

The ALFRA organization, including but not limited to, board members, active members, webmaster and/or contributors hereto shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused, or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly, by the information contained on any ALFRA online accounts, or for any recommendations or any legal representation provided by any person or entity listed on the ALFRA online accounts.

Correction Policy

Should you find factual errors posted by ALFRA on any ALFRA online account, contact ALFRA using the contact us form.  Explain the issue. If found by the ALFRA board to be valid ALFRA will correct the error or provide written clarification.
ALFRA does not have control over ALFRA members online postings.  In such situations you should contact the person directly.

Persons Authorized to Speak Officially for ALFRA

The ALFRA board has authorized only the following persons to speak officially on behalf of ALFRA:
  • Kenneth Paschal
  • Dr. P Duncan Roy, Jr.
  • Tim Smith
  • Debbie Zeiger
Should you have information of others speaking officially on behalf of ALFRA please report it here.

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Last update: 7/11/2020