test test test Alabama Family Rights Association | Legislative Alert: CALL NOW! Action is needed today to STOP House Bill 239!!!!

Legislative Alert: CALL NOW! Action is needed today to STOP House Bill 239!!!!

Legislative Alert: CALL NOW! Action is needed today to STOP House Bill 239!!!!

 Child custody bill, HB 239 placed on the House Judiciary Committee calendar

HB 239 was placed on the House Judiciary Committee calendar for Wednesday, March 1, 2017.

This bill was written by attorneys of the Alabama Law Institute, Family Law Committee. Even though HB 239 suggests that children should have “frequent and continuing” contact with their parents, the bill fails to define “frequent and continuing,” and preserves the status quo of standard visitation, thus unduly restricting a child to 4-6 days a month with one parent.

HB 239 ignores current research and expert opinion. As a result, the bill fails to act in the best interests of the child, fails to equally protect the child’s relationship with both fit parents, and places Alabama children at risk of juvenile incarceration, teen pregnancy, suicide, drug use, and sex trafficking.

You can read the bill in its entirety here.

Representative Jim Hill, retired St. Clair County Circuit Judge, is the sponsor of HB 239.

We ask you to take a moment today to contact as many of these committee members as you can and urge them to vote “NO” on HB 239.


Below are the listed Judiciary Committee members:

Representative’s                     Office Phone              email

Jones, Mike (Chair)                334-242-7739  mljatty@andycable.com

Hill, Jim (Vice Chair)               334-242-7743  jim.hill@alhouse.gov

Ball, Mike                                334-242-7683  mikeball@knology.net

Beckman, Paul                       334-242-7499  paulbeckmanjr@yahoo.com

Black, Marcel                          334-242-7686  marcel.black@blackandhughston.com

Coleman, Merika                    334-242-7755  merika.coleman@alhouse.gov

Drake, Dickie                          334-242-7727  ddrake1080@aol.com

England, Chris                        334-242-7703  cengland1@hotmail.com

Farley, Allen                            334-242-7767  allenfarley@bellsouth.net

Faulkner, David                      334-242-7265  david.faulkner@alhouse.gov

Fridy, Matt                               334-242-7775  mdfridy@gmail.com

Givan, Juandalynn                  334-242-7684  juandalynn.givan@alhouse.gov

Holmes, Mike                          334-242-7215  mike.holmes@alhouse.gov

McClammy, Thad                   334-242-7780  thadmcclammy@aol.com

Pettus, Phillip                          334-242-7600  phillip.pettus@alhouse.gov

We ask for everyone to please take a few moments by calling or emailing the listed members above before noon Wednesday.

Thank you for taking a moment to stand up for social equality, families, and for the innocent children who do not have a voice in this matter. Together, we will make a difference and let our voices and concerns be heard in Montgomery.

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