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Legislative Update, SB186!

Legislative Update, SB186!

SB186, Child Custody Bill on the Move!!!

Tuesday, lawmakers will return back to Montgomery after a two-week Spring Break, and The Children Equal Access Act (SB186) will be one of the many items lawmakers will be discussing!

When it comes to our children, we can’t take a break. We need you to contact your state senator and other senators before noon on Tuesday, April 4th – and let them know to VOTE YES for SB186!
Click here for the names, telephone numbers and email addresses of Senate members.


SB186 – Senator Larry Stutts (R-Sheffield)
Senate Bill (SB) 186, the Children’s Equal Access Act, passed in the Senate Judiciary Committee March 15, 2017 and could be up for a floor vote in the Senate April 4, 2017.

  • The Children’s Equal Access Act, SB 186 incorporates the latest scientific research and creates a rebuttable presumption of equal (50%) or approximately equal (35%) parenting time between both fit parents.

You can read the bill in its entirety here.

  • The enclosed comparison chart and scientific literature irrefutably reflect SB 186 as the best child custody legislation, thus resulting in better outcomes for children.


Together, we will make a difference, but we have to let our voices and concerns be heard in Montgomery.


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