test test test Alabama Family Rights Association | May 12, 2017 Friday – Legislative Update SB186

May 12, 2017 Friday – Legislative Update SB186

May 12, 2017 Friday – Legislative Update SB186

Only 4 more legislative days left.

Tuesday will probably be filled with budget bills.

Wednesday will probably be filled with the autism bill.

Hopefully, Thursday will be the day The Children Equal Access Act comes up for a vote.


We’re asking that you, once again, contact your State Senator every day between now and Thursday.  You can copy and send the same email each day. You can also contact as many additional State Senators as possible asking them to VOTE YES for SB186!


The reason this is so important at the last minute is because The Alabama Law Institute (ALI) has proposed a counter-bill that does nothing to change the existing law. That is why it is urgent to ask your Senator to vote yes on SB186 so that the ALI bill (HB239) does not pass. The comparison chart link that is enclosed below shows the difference in the two bills.


Please make your phone calls and emails before 2:00 pm on Tuesday, May 16th if possible.

Let them know to VOTE YES for SB186!


If you want to give a reason why your Senator should support Senate Bill 186, feel free to use all three paragraphs below or just select one.  Besides emailing, you can leave a voice mail or a message with the administrative assistant.  Be sure to give your name and what city you are from.  Click here for the names, telephone numbers and email addresses of Senate members.

Also, head over to our Facebook and Web pages to share posts, encouraging lawmakers to do what’s right for children and families!


Three example reasons to vote yes on SB186

  • The Children’s Equal Access Act (SB186) incorporates the latest scientific research and creates a rebuttable presumption for equal or approximately equal parenting time between both fit parents.
  • The Children’s Equal Access Act (SB186) is necessary because many judges reduce children’s time with one parent to a mere four to six days per month in 85% of the child custody cases. They automatically assume that the “standard visitation” one-sided custody arrangements promote “stability.” In fact, the loss of the meaningful presence of either a fit mother or father in a child’s life promotes emotional and developmental instability that often manifests in social problems like crime, drug use, teen pregnancies, and school dropouts.
  • The passage of the Children’s Equal Access Act (SB186) will realign Alabama family law and court practices to protect the parent-child relationship as recognized by the U.S. Supreme Court, without infringing on the duties and roles of the judge.

The enclosed comparison chart and scientific literature irrefutably reflect SB 186 as the best child custody legislation, thus resulting in better outcomes for children.


ALFRA is an all-volunteer organization. We have to let our voices and concerns be heard in Montgomery in order to make a difference.

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