test test test Alabama Family Rights Association | the day after Independence Day

the day after Independence Day

the day after Independence Day

Across the nation, many American’s honored the birth of our nation by taking a day off. Members of the Alabama Family Rights Association, however, did not. They continued to fight for every child’s right to spend time with and freely love both their estranged parents.

Our State has not corrected its procedures and mindsets when it comes to child custody and divorce in over 5 decades.  Each year, approximately 40,000 children in Alabama are court-ordered to see their estranged parent (usually their father) only 4 – 6 days per month. This is a travesty and is hurting every child’s chance of having a healthy childhood, not to mention causing historically high statistics of crime, drug use and teen suicide in all of our communities.

Since the1970’s, the constitution has been found to read that parental rights do NOT depend upon marriage. In other words, parent rights are individual. Both parents are equally entitled to the custody of their child no matter who deems it unnecessary, and that’s a fact of law! Constitutional rights should not be cancelled out through a divorce process, but yet they are. We need to change the current mindset and habits of the family court system. A new law is required that presumes shared parenting and custody for all children when no abuse is found. Every parent is entitled to help raise their children, and every child is entitled to be reared and loved by both parents.

If we want true freedom and justice for our nation’s children, then we must work with local leadership and state legislators until minds and practices change!

Join ALFRA’s effort by visiting alfra.org and plan to attend our state meeting on August 12th.

Working together, we can accomplish more!


Kenneth Paschal

State President

Alabama Family Rights Association

US Army Retired First Sergeant


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