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Governor signs proclamation for Family Day/Week

Governor signs proclamation for Family Day/Week


On August 10, 2017, Governor Kay Ivey of Alabama signed a proclamation declaring September 25, 2017 as Family Day and September 24 through September 30, 2017 as Family Week. Kenneth Paschal, Alabama Family Rights Association and Supporters were present for the event.

This proclamation by Alabama Governor acknowledges:

  • Family Day in Alabama has grown to promote the importance of family interaction and connecting with kids throughout the day/week, and to stress that children NEED both parents, and on Family Day/Week we honor the devotion of parents and recognize their critical role in teaching children positive and healthy behaviors; and
  • encourage all Alabamians to visit CASAFamilyDay.org for information on talking with children about the perils of drug use, and we call on community and state leaders to support shared parenting because of its benefits for children.

The proclamation encourages all Alabamians to join together in observing this day/week by spending time with their families and by engaging in appropriate ceremonies and activities to honor and strengthen both our city’s and state’s families.


Data shows that we don’t value the importance of the parent-child relationship enough and it’s harming our kids, families, communities, and state. Special thanks to Governor Ivey for caring about children and families in Alabama. The primary goal of the Alabama Family Rights Association is to educate the public and government officials concerning the importance of equal involvement of both fit parents in a child’s life.

Read more about Family Day/Week here.


Contact: Debbie Zeiger, State VP

Phone: (205) 626-9458

E-mail: info@alfra.org

Website: www.alfra.org



Photo (r-l)

Kenneth Paschal, State President ALFRA, Retired U.S. First Sergeant, Exchange Club of Shelby County board member; Dr. Tim Martin, Executive Director of Coaching and Life Services at the “Isaak Law Firm” and “Isaak Life Firm; Senator Priscilla Dunn, Senate District 19; Tom Ford, Pastor, Grace Baptist Church Montgomery; Hayden Ford, Student; Governor Kay Ivey; Jan Corbett, Coordinator, Shelby County Drug Free Coalition; John Norris Attorney at Law; Rachel Lawley, Bradford Health Services, Community Representative; Bridgette Jordan-Smith, Drug Education Council; Paulette Roby, Civil Rights Activist Committee Chair; Melissa Isaak, Attorney at Law, Isaak Law Firm

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