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CLE/CEU Handouts

CLE/CEU Handouts

CLE/CEU Handouts

The enclosed handouts are to be printed prior to the seminar or used for viewing on your electronic device.


Handout 1 – State of Children in Alabama

Handout 2 – Dr. Linda Nielsen – Shared Physical Custody: Does It Benefit Most Children?

Handout 3 – Dr. Linda Nielsen – Re-examining the Research on Parental Conflict, Coparenting, and Custody Arrangements

Handout 4 – Dr. Richard Warshak – Stemming the Tide of Misinformation: International Consensus on Shared Parenting and Overnighting

Handout 5 – Parallel Parenting – The New Approach for Success

Handout 6 – Parenting Plan Template Form

Handout 7 – Sample Custody Arrangements

Handout 8 – Ethical Quicksand

Handout 9 – 2018 Child Custody Legislative synopsis

Handout 10 – Fact Sheet for the Children’s Equal Access Act

Handout 11 – Excerpt of Expert Testimony Transcript Excerpt on Inherently Disruptive

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