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Legislative Update and ACTION ALERT3!

Legislative Update and ACTION ALERT3!

Legislative Alert: CALL NOW! Action is needed today to move Senate Bill 211 out of committee!!!!

Unfortunately, Senate Bill 211, a bipartisan bill known as the “Children’s Equal Access Act,” was not heard during the Senate Judiciary Committee meeting as expected due to time restraints.

The sponsor of the Children’s Equal Access Act was not happy with this situation and immediately addressed his concerned with the Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Good news! Senate Bill 211 “Children’s Equal Access Act,” is placed on the Senate Judiciary Committee calendar for a second time on Wednesday, February 21, 2018 at 1:00 pm.

  • The Children’s Equal Access Act aims to maximize a child’s time with both parents during a divorce or separation. You can read and share the Talking Points here.
  • We would like to give a special thanks to Senator Larry Stutts, the sponsor of SB 211 for standing up for the voiceless children in Alabama. Thereby, further reflecting his desire to ensure SB 211 is priority for legislators in Alabama.
  • If you have or have not contacted the 13-committee members, no worries. We ask you to take a moment to contact as many of these committee members as you can and urge them to vote “YES” on SB 211. Communicate to them that you deeply appreciate their commitment to doing what’s right in Montgomery; by putting children and families first, please vote “YES” on SB211.

Below are the Senate Judiciary Committee members:

Senators                                         Office Phone                        email

Ward, Cam (Chair)                       334-242-7873                     cam@camward.com

Williams, Phil (Vice Chair)        334-242-7857                      Phil@williamsstatesenate.com

Albritton, Greg                              334-242-7843                     galbritton@att.net

Coleman-Madison, Linda          334-242-7864                      linda.coleman@birminghamal.gov

Figures, Vivian                             334-242-7871                       vivian.figures@alsenate.gov

Orr, Arthur                                   334-242-7891                       arthur.orr@alsenate.gov

Reed, Greg                                    334-242-7894                      greg.reed@alsenate.gov

Sanders, Hank                             334-242-7860                      hank23sanders@gmail.com

Scofield, Clay                               334-242-7876                       clay.scofield@alsenate.gov

Singleton, Bobby                         334-242-7935                       bsingle362@gmail.com

Smitherman, Rodger                  334-242-7870                      rodger.smitherman@alsenate.gov

Stutts, Larry                                  334-242-7862                      larry.stutts@alsenate.gov

Whatley, Tom                               334-242-7865                      tom.whatley@alsenate.gov

Group email below:

cam@camward.com; Phil@williamsstatesenate.com; galbritton@att.net; linda.coleman@birminghamal.gov; vivian.figures@alsenate.gov; arthur.orr@alsenate.gov; greg.reed@alsenate.gov; hank23sanders@gmail.com; clay.scofield@alsenate.gov; bsingle362@gmail.com; rodger.smitherman@alsenate.gov; larry.stutts@alsenate.gov; tom.whatley@alsenate.gov


We ask for everyone to please take a few moments by calling or emailing the listed members above before noon Wednesday.

Thank you for taking a moment to stand up for social equality, families, and for the innocent children who do not have a voice in this matter. Together, we will make a difference and let our voices and concerns be heard in Montgomery.

As a reminder, please always be respectful and courteous with your communications.

Please focus on the bill and the Talking Points. If you would like to share your story and/or experience with family courts, please share via the ALFRA website here.


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