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Legislative Update and ACTION ALERT – HB431

Legislative Update and ACTION ALERT – HB431

Action Needed to Reform Outdated Child Custody Laws


Great news!  Bipartisan, pro-family legislation has been introduced to protect a child’s relationships with both parents.  A bill known as the “Children’s Equal Access Act” has been filed as House Bill 431 (“HB 431”).  The Children’s Equal Access Act aims to maximize a child’s time with both parents during a divorce or separation.  You can read the bill in its entirety here.


HB 431, includes feedback from consulting experienced attorneys and judges in family law practice, the Alabama Law Institute Family Law Standing Committee, and the Alabama Family Rights Association Advisory Committee.

The Children’s Equal Access Act (HB 431) incorporates recommendations from research-based conclusions of 40 studies and the consensus of over 100 social scientists regarding child custody. These experts agree that “shared parenting should be the norm for parenting plans for children of all ages and produce better outcomes for children compared to current use, “standard visitation”.

Please call or email the House of Representatives listed below, and thank them for sponsoring and co-sponsoring legislation that puts children first in Alabama.

When communicating with Republicans, remind them that the Children’s Equal Access Act is in keeping with their “Flag, FAMILY, Country” agenda for 2018.

When communicating with Democrats, remind them that the Children’s Equal Access Act is in keeping with their “Clean, COMPETENT, and Competitive Alabama” agenda for 2018.  It takes the “guess work” from the courts’ decision making process and gives them definitive guidelines.

I know we give you a lot of information at one time.  We do that so you will be knowledgeable about what is going on and in hopes that you will feel comfortable when communicating with your representative.

Together we can make our voices heard to support children having two parents.

Name Sponsor or Co-Sponsor Phone Email
Pettus, Phillip Sponsor (R) 334-242-7511 phillip.pettus@alhouse.gov
Alexander, Louise Co-Sponsor (D) 334-242-7593 louise.alexander@alhouse.gov
Ball, Mike Co-Sponsor (R) 334-242-7683 mikeball@knology.net
Beckman, Paul Co-Sponsor (R) 334-242-7499 paulbeckmanjr@yahoo.com
Brown, K. L. Co-Sponsor (R) 334-353-1778 klbrown@cableone.net
Butler, Mack Co-Sponsor (R) 334-242-7446 mack.butler@alhouse.gov
Chesteen, Donnie Co-Sponsor (R) 334-242-7742 donnie.chesteen@alhouse.gov
Crawford, Danny Co-Sponsor (R) 334-242-1616 danny.crawford@alhouse.gov
Drummond, Barbara Co-Sponsor (D) 334-242-7764 drummondbarbara@att.net
England, Chris Co-Sponsor (D) 334-242-7703 cengland1@hotmail.com
Farley, Allen Co-Sponsor (R) 334-242-7767 allenfarley@bellsouth.net
Faust, Joe Co-Sponsor (R) 334-242-7699 jfaust@baldwincountyal.gov
Fincher, Bob Co-Sponsor (R) 334-242-7708 rsfincher77@gmail.com
Fridy, Matt Co-Sponsor (R) 334-242-7775 mdfridy@gmail.com
Greer, Lynn Co-Sponsor (R) 334-242-7576 lynn.greer@alhouse.gov
Holmes, Mike Co-Sponsor (R) 334-242-7215 mike.holmes@alhouse.gov
Jackson, Thomas Co-Sponsor (D) 334-242-7738 thomas.jackson@alhouse.gov
Johnson, Ken Co-Sponsor (R) 334-242-7754 ken.johnson@alhouse.gov
Lee, Paul W. Co-Sponsor (R) 334-242-7675 Pleed86@gmail.com
McCutcheon, Mac Co-Sponsor (R) 334-242-7668 mac.mccutcheon@speaker.alhouse.gov
McMillan, Steve Co-Sponsor (R) 334-242-7723 bcld07@gmail.com
Mooney, Arnold Co-Sponsor (R) 334-242-7744 arnold.mooney@alhouse.gov
Moore, Barry Co-Sponsor (R) 334-242-7773 barrymoore91@gmail.com
Nordgren, Becky Co-Sponsor (R) 334-353-9032 becky.nordgren@alhouse.gov
Rich, Kerry Co-Sponsor (R) 334-242-7538 kerryrich@mclo.org
Rowe, Connie C. Co-Sponsor (R) 334-242-7768 connie.rowe@alhouse.gov
Sells, Chris Co-Sponsor (R) 334-242-7600 csea@centurytel.net
Shedd, Randall Co-Sponsor (R) 334-242-7330 randall.shedd@alhouse.gov
Standridge, David Co-Sponsor (R) 334-242-7475 david.standridge@alhouse.gov
Todd, Patricia Co-Sponsor (D) 334-242-7718 reptodd@gmail.com
Wadsworth, Tim Co-Sponsor (R) 334-242-7554 wadsworth@centurytel.net
Weaver, April Co-Sponsor (R) 334-242-7731 april.weaver@alhouse.gov
Whorton, Ritchie Co-Sponsor (R) 334-242-7753 ritchie.whorton@alhouse.gov
Wilcox, Margie Co-Sponsor (R) 334-242-7546 margie.wilcox@alhouse.gov
Williams, Jack W. Co-Sponsor (R) 334-242-7600  jackwilliams55@icloud.com
Wingo, Rich Co-Sponsor (R) 334-242-7861 rich.wingo@alhouse.gov


Thank you so much for taking a moment to stand up and be heard today!  Additional action steps will follow.


Debbie Zeiger

ALFRA State Vice President



“Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable… Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering,

and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

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