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Legislative Update -1

Legislative Update -1

Alabama Senate Continuing the Rebuild Alabama Crusade

Wonderful news!  Bipartisan legislation has been introduced to protect a child’s relationships with both parents.  The “Children’s Equal Access Act” has been filed as Senate Bill 266 (“SB 266”).  The Children’s Equal Access Act continues the “Rebuild Alabama” conversation.  Let’s Rebuild Families by fixing Alabama child custody law. Laws that were last modified 22 years ago and that have had no significant change in the application of law since 1852.  The Children’s Equal Access Act aims to maximize a child’s time with both parents during a divorce or separation.  You can read the bill in its entirety here.


SB 266, includes feedback from experienced family law attorneys and judges, the Alabama Law Institute Family Law Standing Committee, and the Alabama Family Rights Association Advisory Committee.

The “Children’s Equal Access Act” (SB 266) incorporates recommendations from research-based conclusions of more than 40 studies and the consensus of over 100 social scientists regarding child custody. The experts agree that shared parenting should be the norm for parenting plans because they produce better outcomes for children compared to the current, “standard visitation”.

Please call or email the senators listed below and thank them for sponsoring/co-sponsoring legislation that puts children first in Alabama.

Together we can make our voices heard to support children having two parents!

Name                                                    Sponsor or Co-Sponsor Phone                                   Email

Senator STUTTS, Larry                    Sponsor (R)                     (334) 261-0862                  larry.stutts@alsenate.gov

Senator ALLEN, Gerald                  Co-Sponsor (R)                (334) 261-0861                   gerald.allen@alsenate.gov

Senator BARFOOT, Will                  Co-Sponsor (R)               (334) 261-0895                  will.barfoot@alsenate.gov

Senator BUTLER, Tom                    Co-Sponsor (R)               (334) 261-0884                  senbutler@aol.com

Senator CHESTEEN, Donnie         Co-Sponsor (R)               (334) 261-0890                  donnie.chesteen@alsenate.gov

Senator COLEMAN-MADISON, Linda       Co-Sponsor (D) (334) 261-0864                 Linda.Coleman-Madison@birminghamal.gov

Senator PRICE, Randy                    Co-Sponsor (R)               (334) 261-0874                   randyprice.sd13@gmail.com

Senator SESSIONS, David              Co-Sponsor (R)               (334) 261-0882                  d.r.sessions@att.net

Senator SHELNUTT, Shay              Co-Sponsor (R)               (334) 261-0794                  shay.sd17@gmail.com

Senator WAGGONER, J.T.            Co-Sponsor (R)                 (334) 261-0892                 jabo.waggoner@alsenate.gov

Senator WILLIAMS, Jack                Co-Sponsor (R)               (334) 261-0829                 jackwilliams55@icloud.com


Group email option: larry.stutts@alsenate.gov; gerald.allen@alsenate.gov; will.barfoot@alsenate.gov; senbutler@aol.com; donnie.chesteen@alsenate.gov; Linda.Coleman-Madison@birminghamal.gov; randyprice.sd13@gmail.com; d.r.sessions@att.net; shay.sd17@gmail.com; jabo.waggoner@alsenate.gov; jackwilliams55@icloud.com; info@alfra.org


Thank you so much for taking a moment to stand up and be heard!


Debbie Zeiger

ALFRA State Vice President



“Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable… Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.”  Martin Luther King, Jr.

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