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Legislative Alert3: CALL NOW!

Legislative Alert3: CALL NOW!

Legislative Update! Senate Bill 266 is on the move!


Good news! Senate Bill 266, a bipartisan bill known as the “Children’s Equal Access Act,” received a favorable report by the Senate Children Youth and Human Services Committee April 17, 2019 (10 to 0 vote) and could be up for a floor vote in the Senate April 23, 2019.

The Children’s Equal Access Act aims to maximize a child’s time with both parents in the event of divorce or separation. From talking with some of the legislative assistants, some of the oppositions and proponents are still confused about SB266. Please do not reference to SB266 as a 50/50 child custody bill. There’s nothing in SB266 that references 50/50 custody.

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Please call or email the senators listed below and thank them for voting YES and doing what’s right in Montgomery; by putting children and families first.

Together, we can make our voices heard to support children having two parents!

Senators Office Phone Email
Stutts, Larry (Chair) 334-261-0862 larry.stutts@alsenate.gov
Jones, Andrew (Vice Chair) 334-261-0857 andrew.jones@alsenate.gov
Beasley, Billy 334-261-0857 billy.beasley@alsenate.gov
Coleman-Madison, Linda 334-261-0864 Linda.Coleman-Madison@birminghamal.gov
Albritton, Greg 334-261-0785 galbritton@att.net
Roberts, Dan 334-261-0851 dan.roberts@alsenate.gov
Sanders-Fortier, Malika 334-261-0860 malika.sanders-fortier@alsenate.gov
Shelnutt, Shay 334-261-0794 shay.sd17@gmail.com
Givhan, Sam 334-261-0867 sam.givhan@alsenate.gov
Williams, Jack 334-261-0867 jackwilliams55@icloud.com


Thank you so much for taking a moment to stand up and be heard!

Debbie Zeiger

ALFRA State Vice President


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